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New York and Quebec Tickets

Most people are not aware that the state of New York has a reciprocal agreement with the Provinces of Quebec and Ontario. Tickets received in the State of New York will appear on your driving record in Ontario and Quebec which will result in fines and demerit points. This could affect insurance premiums similar to domestic tickets. The same applies for Ontario drivers who get tickets in Quebec. Such convictions will affect your driver’s license in Ontario.

While most of our clients are from southern Ontario, Tickets provides legal services to clients with moving violations throughout Ontario, Quebec and New York State. In fact our "out of town" success rate is very high.

Our firm is always on the cutting edge of innovation and excellence in customer service as a result, TICKETS® was the first firm to offer an “out of town” service for your convenience. We make the process simple, stress free and convenient while emphasizing affordability.

Our dedication led to a process which couldn’t be easier. We do everything from obtaining a court date, to requesting, receiving and reviewing disclosure (officer’s notes) and attending court on your behalf.

Most importantly we have negotiated a set rate for our client with our traffic lawyers in New York State and the Province of Quebec. Unlike the conventional charges a set rate is a one time payment that is all inclusive, if we need to make more court appearances, normally it’s free of charge!

With thousands of satisfied clients and over 26 years of service, our reputation speaks for itself!

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Here's what our clients are saying...
Thank you for (handling) my court case. I especially appreciated winning the case and not just settling for a reduction of the speed - which I could have done myself outside the courtroom. From the first interview in your office until this afternoon, it was all very professional.
N. W. - Quebec, Montreal
I would like to express my thanks for having represented me at the Newmarket Traffic Court.... Your efforts on my behalf resulted in a complete dismissal of the charge of speeding, and you enabled me to keep my driving record free of any demerit points.
I appreciate your courteous attention and efficient service.
I. S.- New York City, New York