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Demerit Point System

Here is a list of a few common offences and their total amount of demerit points included:

Fail to stop for police officer 7
Fail to remain at Scene of Accident 7
Careless Driving 6
Speeding: Exceeding speed limit by 50 Km/h or more 6
Speeding: Exceeding speed limit by 30 to 49 Km/h 4
Speeding: Exceeding speed limit by 16 to 29 Km/h3
Driver of bus fail to stop at railway crossing 5
Driving through, around or under railway crossing barrier3
Failing to yield right of way 3
Failing to obey sign, signal light or railway crossing signal3
Failing to obey direction of police constable 3
Driving or operation vehicle on a closed highway3
Failing to report an accident 3
Improper passing 3
Improper driving where highway divided into lanes 3
Failing to stop for school bus 6
Fallowing to closely 4
Crowding drivers seat 3
Drive wrong way- Divided highway 3
Cross divided highway- no proper crossing provided 3
Wrong way in one ay street or highway 3
Backing on highway 2
Seatbelt 2
Pedestrian crossover 2
Failure to share road2
Improper right turn 2
Improper left turn2
Failing to signal 2
Unnecessary slow driving 2
Failing to lower headlamp beam 2
Improper opening of vehicle door 2
Prohibited turns2
Towing of person on toboggans, bicycles, skis ect prohibited2
Failing to obey signs prescribed by regulation under section 1822

It is important to note that demerit points remain on your record for 2 years from the date of the offence and charges remain on record for 3 years from the date of conviction.

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Speeding tickets in Toronto
Speeding tickets in Toronto
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